Caring Hands and Caring Hearts that provide the Best of Care for our Achievers. 

.  Achievers recognize the challenges our parents face to find a quality school that assures their child’s safety and learning engagement.  We devote individual attention to each child daily and plan a curriculum guided by lesson plans that meet each child’s specific developmental need.

Developmental Programs

Achievers Tiny Champions Program is a well-designed healthful and clean environment. 

The environment sets the tone of an inviting, intimate and thriving setting focused on infants. 

The environment creates for our Tiny Champions a home away from home. 

Our little Achievers explore what they see and hear captivating their senses activating their touch curiosity. 

Achievers Explorers Program is a warm, relaxing, nurturing, and gentle environment that allows Infants to

  • Peer play with others
  • Have fun while they Explore, Learn and Achieve expected Milestones

Achievers Rising Stars Program:

  • Provide structure, calmness, and enjoyable environment for Toddler
  • Build concepts based on their sensory and motor exploration

Creative Tots Program is a soothing and mellow environment that blends caring and sharing activities.  The Creative Tots experience is designed to: 

  • Develop their skills and ability to think
  • Implement muscle and sensory perception activity.
  • Upward Bound 3 Year-old Program stimulate learning and invites creative expression.
  • Develop social, emotional and cognitive skill.

Achievers Expressive Dreamers are part of Texas School Ready Program (TSR). TSR is a comprehensive early childhood program that prepares children for kinder.

Continues the classroom support in a positive social environment with before and after school students ages 5-12.  Transportation, homework assistance, constructive and enrichment activities, snacks and meals are provided.  

Achievers of Excellence Learning Academy is an early childhood development establishment that brings meaningful experiences to children ages 2 months to 5 years of age that are purposed to fuel success that goes beyond the classroom. We are here to help!